Benefits of doing a pre-sale inspection from a seller point of view

Are you selling your property soon? How about requesting a pre-sale inspection, done by Ithaca building inspections? As the name suggests, a pre-sale inspection is done before selling the property. Normally, the purchase performs a pre-purchase inspection before paying for the property. This is to make sure that the property is safe and pest free before moving in. However, for the seller, there is more than one reason to consider a pre-sale inspection. In this article, we look into some of the advantages of having a property inspected by Brisbane inspectors before listing the house for sale. Keep reading to find out why you need to consider a pre-sale inspection.

1. It Is an Opportunity for Finding out the Condition of the House

Most home sellers have the fear of finding out some missing features or even design issues after a potential buyer has performed the inspection. In fact, this is a serious cause for concern since it not only kills a potential sale but also has an implication on the seller’s profile. This is a serious issue that is undoubtedly justified and the seller needs to avoid such a scenario completely. The home inspection stage is often a point where you can correct any mishaps during the

construction of the property. To avoid such a disappointment where the potential buyer turns away, make sure a professional property inspection has been conducted. Of course, being the seller, you do not need the buyers' inspection report to find out the condition of the property. Do a pre-sale inspection to guarantee you that the property meets best standards.

2. It is an Opportunity to Price the Property Accurately

One of the most challenging stages when listing a property is determining the accurate selling price. This requires experience, research and expertise in order to, reasonably, price the property. If underpriced, the property might leave questions on the buyer's mind. On the other side, if over-priced, you end up keeping off the buyers.

To make sure that the property is accurately priced, perform a pre-sale inspection. Through a professional property inspection, you compare it to the valuation report to determine the best selling price. Choose a home inspections company who has experience in your market to find out the features that the purchasers are mostly complaining about. If the state of the property is up to the standards, this means that you can sell the property at better profits.

3. It Minimizes Stress

Imagine the stress of not knowing what the buyers will say about the property after their

pre-purchase inspection. If you do not know if the property meets the standards, this can be too much stress. To avoid such kind of stress, contact professional home inspectors for the pre-sale inspection for a full report on the condition of your property. The anxiety that comes when you start worrying that a sale is not going to succeed if there is some fault after the buyer’s inspection, will clear up. You are much more confident that your property is attractive and will definitely be sold.

4. Make Repairs Before Listing the Property

After the pre-sale inspection by qualified Brisbane property inspectors, you get a clear report showing you which areas need tweaking. Thus, if there are any issued highlighted on the report, you can work on them immediately before listing the property. This builds some level of confidence knowing that you are covered. In addition, doing repairs on time before you have listed the property is more convenient than having to pull down the property from the listing service just because you need to do some repairs.

The repairs can also be done after a request from a willing buyer. However, here the experience is not as good as when you do the repairs after the pre-sale inspection. Remember that a buyers request might come with strict deadlines hence you end up rushing the repair. To avoid such a scenario, go for pre-sale purchase to have ample time for doing the repairs if needed.

5. Faster Selling as there is Less Likelihood for Negotiations

The home inspection stage is the point where most buyers want to ask for special consideration. If there is a defect that is realized, the purchaser uses that opportunity to ask for lower prices. However, when the pre-sale purchase is performed, the seller will certainly attend to any issues to ensure the integrity of the property. In the end, this attracts a good selling price for the inspected property.

Minimizing the opportunity for negotiations fastens the sale process. The buyer’s confidence in an already inspected property means faster selling of the property. Both the seller and the buyer are confident that the property is in good condition and meets all standards and regulations.

Reduce your Liability with Full-Disclosure

A Pre-sale inspection will help to reduce the seller’s liability since the inspection report discloses the property condition. This ensures that the buyer will not be liable in case a future modification after the sale leads to any legal issues or incidents. Therefore, consult registered and certified property inspectors in Brisbane for a full disclosure report.

Ithaca Building inspections is a certified and registered property inspection company in Brisbane. Contact us for a pre-sale inspection today and enjoy the advantages listed above. A home inspection report will attract buyer’s confidence allowing you to seal the deal faster.

Akheel Khan


Ithaca Building & Pest Inspection