Styling to Sell

When it comes to putting your house on the market to sell, visual images are everything!

I would suggest getting in a property stylist to take the stress off, but if you’d like to do it yourself here’s my tips:

DECLUTTER – often when I visit my clients’ homes for Interior Design Consults, what is most needed is storage solutions.

I would suggest removing as much clutter as possible so that the buyer can imagine themselves living in your home, without having your specific personality throughout the property. Remember your buyer may be just like you, however they may have completely different circumstances or even be buying from interstate.

Queensland continues to be Australia’s biggest beneficiary of interstate migration, gaining 24,316 people from other states over the last 12 months.

The next biggest beneficiaries were Victoria (13,985 people) and Tasmania (2,370 people).

For an inexpensive storage solution, the clever cubes from Bunnings and Ikea work well, use baskets below and some decor in the top section to keep everything minimal or organized.

LIMITING COLOUR – If you’re someone who loves colour, that’s great! But when it comes to selling your home, not every byer loves the same colour you do.

So I would suggest painting your walls white in either lexicon quarter or white on white to really brighten up the spaces. If painting isn’t an option, then take as much colour out the house as possible, because you want the house to feel calm and relaxing for everyone who views it.

Add in grey tones or beiges where possible and definitely add textured cushions and rugs to create a comfy space.

WALL ART - Often most homes that I visit don’t have much wall art. I would really invest into 4-5 framed prints from in a 70 x 100cm landscape for above the bed or a 90 x 130cm for above the lounge. For a large wall, you can use 2 of the 70 x 100cm portrait as a set.

Choose landscapes or any scene that’s calming, like the ocean, to add views to these areas. It will trigger an emotion in a buyer to never want to leave. Also, I’ve been known to hang a round floor mat on the wall to give a holiday home feeling.

You can also purchase mirrors from Kmart, Ikea or Freedom Furniture to bounce the light around or add a giant woven wall hanging above the bed which you can get from boutique stores.

GREENERY - This is something that I laugh about, because it’s free to create, but I’m that lady that breaks branches off the trees and puts them into vases to bring life into a space! Use these for open homes and for the images of the house. Go for a drive and find somewhere, where it’s acceptable to snap a branch off and add them to glass vases from the dollar shop. Use them in the kitchen, dining table, console table or bedside.

SOFT FURNISHINGS - Often this is the last thing that’s considered when styling a home to sell, but having a luxurious looking bedroom and lounge room is really important to make your home feel as comfy as a hotel!

CUSHIONS - Add 2 x big euro cushions at the back of the bed. Place your 2 x pillows on either side and finish it off with 2 x 50 x 50 feather cushions at the front. You also can add another little shape like a round or small rectangle for interest.

THROW - Add a textured throw on the bed to finish it off!

RUGS - Rugs define a space! So adding a rug will make it look like a real room. I often purchase the $99 200 x 300cm jute rugs from Ikea, if I need to define a space quickly or invest into a textured one that you’ll have for years.

Either way, it’s important to have a 160 x 230cm rug under the bed or 200 x 300cm rug under a lounge or even dining if it needs it.

DECOR - Lastly, investing into some beautiful decor will pay off!

DINING TABLE - Adding a round white tray, a glass vase with a branch in it and a candle will

finish that space off.

BEDSIDES - Add a lamp, candle and vase with a little branch in it.

COFFEE TABLES - Add a couple of book, candle and vase with a little branch.

KITCHEN ISLAND - Add a big glass vase with a branch and a fruit bowl.

CONSOLE - Add a vase, some books and a candle.

BATHROOM - Add a vase, candle and some Aesop hand soap ( don’t skimp on this).


Would LOVE to know if this has helped you with styling to sell or styling in general! Send me your pics by emailing me

Crystal Bailey


Crystal Bailey & Co.