Top Ten Reasons why a Building Inspection is a Must When Buying or Selling a Property

Building inspection helps to safeguard the investor from purchasing a property that is faulty. The property inspection report reveals the problems that a property you are planning to invest in might have. This saves you from spending even up to hundreds of thousands of dollars repairing a faulty property. Therefore, as an investor, you will get a peace of mind after a professional property inspection company has completed the property inspection.

Consider that fixing structural issues caused by termites eating on an entire building can cost you a large amount of money. Therefore, investing in a thorough property inspection, when purchasing or selling a property is worthy. When selling the property, a good report can form the negotiation basis allowing the seller to earn more profits. In addition, a report from a highly respected property inspector will sell the property much faster as the buyer is already informed. Therefore, regardless of whether you are selling or purchasing the property, an inspection should be prioritized.

In this article, I cover ten reasons why a property inspection is necessary when selling or purchasing a property. Let us rock and roll!

1. To Ensure the Safety of Your Family

Property inspection is important since it helps to determine the safety of the property. A qualified Brisbane property inspector will uncover all the issues within a property that you want to purchase. Therefore, you are assured that you are purchasing a property that does not put your family at health or safety issues. Structural damages caused by pest can result into serious injuries. Bear in mind that a pest infested property can result into serious health problems to your family.

2. Property Inspection Will Save you Thousands of dollars in the Future

Property inspection will uncover termite infestation not only within the building but also within the compound where the property is resting. Therefore, if there is a termite infestation, the inspectors will advice you whether the infestation is controllable, and an estimate of how much it can cost. If the property is sitting on a compound with a serious termite infestation, you are likely to spend thousands in the future in controlling the infestation. By learning of the infestation early at the purchase stage, you can avoid purchasing the property and hence saving the money that would have gone to treating the infestation at a future date.

3. Property Inspections Reveals Any Illegal Modifications to the Property

Property buyers might lack the knowledge required to identify any illegal additions on a property. Brisbane property inspectors will helps to uncover illegal modifications that can land you into trouble with the authorities. For the commercial properties, illegal modifications can result into trouble when you apply for the business permits, insurance cover or when paying taxes. In addition, you end up paying for an illegal structure that you will be forced to bring down in the future.

4. A property Inspection Report is a Negotiation Tool

If there are no major issues identified in the property, you can negotiate for a better price in regards to the purchase price. The building inspection experts in Brisbane can advice you on how much it will cost you to fix the minor issues. Therefore, you can negotiate for a cheaper price.

5. Inspected Properties Sell Faster As a Result of Buyers Trust

Buyers prefer a house that is already inspected by a trusted property inspector in Queensland Australia. Therefore, you can sell the property faster after acquiring a clean certificate from a trusted inspector. This is if the report shows that the property has no structural issues or there is no pest infestation detected.

6. Protect Your Belongings from Defects

Property inspection helps to determine the condition of the building as at the current date. The inspector will determine the real condition of the property and show any damages or structural damages that you need to know about. Therefore, you are safe from nasty surprises that might result after you have purchased the property. For instance, if the property has a serious termite infestation, they could end up chewing on your furniture resulting into a serious damage. Therefore, a property inspection is the first step to protecting your investments.

7. Building Inspection Gives the Investor Peace of Mind

There is so much that the property buyer needs to know about the property they are planning to purchase. For instance, you need to know whether the systems are functioning appropriately. A qualified property inspector will thoroughly check the property and provide you with the required information. Therefore, you are assured that you are putting your money in a safe investment. By clearing the doubt, you enjoy a peace of mind and so you enjoy living in that property.

8. Insurance cover

Some insurance companies will not provide a cover if there is no property inspection done. Even if they provide a cover, you might end up paying high premiums since they are not sure of the condition of the property. Therefore, you are advised to get a building inspection certificate that you can present to the insurer. A qualified property inspector will get this done on time.

9. It Provides a Reason why you Should Back Off an Exciting Offer

Quality property inspection reveals critical information about the condition of the property. Therefore, the purchaser is informed of the cost of repairs and maintaining the property to get rid of any pest infestation. If the buyer is not comfortable, the report can provide the basis for an “out” of the offer.

10. Forecast Future Costs

Home inspectors will help to approximate the age of all the major systems in a property. This helps you to estimate how much you will need in replacement cost of the property. Remember that not all the components in a property might last to the lifetime of the property. Therefore, you need to have a rough estimate on how soon you will be required to pay for repairs.

Ensure you get a pre-purchase inspection done by a qualified property inspector. Ithaca building inspectors provide the best prices for commercial and residential properties. Contact us today for a free estimate.



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